Assemblies and Collective Worship

Citizenship assemblies provide the platform to celebrate pupils’ successes and achievements. A time of reflection is built into the assembly which challenges pupils to reflect upon the values they hold relating to a variety of themes. Regular visits from local churches help us to explore a variety of issues of a broadly Christian nature. Senior staff together with visiting speakers lead these assemblies.


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Religious Studies

At Robert Clack we endeavour to promote an enquiring and sympathetic approach to the study of all religious beliefs and practices. However, parents can withdraw their child from Religious Studies, either in whole or in part via arrangement with the school.

For information regarding the Religious education curriculum, please click here


Special Educational Needs

Robert Clack is concerned to ensure that all students achieve whether they are gifted or have specific learning difficulties. To this end a number of intervention strategies are used to support the learning of all to ensure that individual needs are met. School policy incorporates all the requirements of the SEN Code of Practice.


Sex Education

This subject area is part of Science, PSHE and Religious Studies where it is taught within a moral framework that seeks to promote and support the best standards of family life as required by educational law. Parents reserve the right to withdraw their child from these lessons by arrangement with the school.


Equal Opportunities and Racism

Whatever the nature of the local community, children are growing up in a wider multicultural and multiracial society where they are subject to various attitudes towards minority groups. Robert Clack stands against racism and all forms of discrimination on the grounds of ethnic origin, religion, gender or disability. We actively celebrate the diverse nature and make up of our community.

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Student Conduct

Our vision at Robert Clack is to provide an outstanding education for our students so that they fulfill their potential and make a valued contribution to society.


We expect high standards of behaviour at all times.









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