A full list of Sixth Form courses can be found in the ‘Key Stage 5 Courses’ section of the website. This page gives information about what qualifications and enrichment activities make up a programme of study.


Year 12


In year 12 your programme of study will include:

• Four Level 3 qualifications (i.e. AS/A Levels or equivalent vocational qualifications)




Three Level 3 qualifications (i.e. AS/A Levels or equivalent vocational qualifications)  if you are completing GCSE English and/or Maths resits. Please note it is a government requirement, which we fully support, that all pupils who are yet to achieve a level 4 or above in GCSE English and/or Maths continue to study these qualifications in the Sixth Form.


You will also take part in the following:


• Enrichment activities which take place in ‘core time’. These include activities which lead to a qualification for example the extended project qualification (EPQ) and those which help to develop a pupil’s all round interests and experiences such as sport, drama, music, debate, Duke of Edinburgh Award and volunteering/outreach projects.


• Work Experience; this takes place towards the end of year 12.


• An assembly and Personal Development programme which take place on Thursday mornings. Assembly takes place on the first Thursday of every month and Personal Development activities take place on certain Thursday mornings and are run in partnership with external organisations such as Elevate Education.


• VESPA Mentoring and Development; the attributes of a successful Sixth Form pupil (i.e. Vision, Effort, Systems, Practice, and Attitude) are developed in lessons and also through personal development days and assemblies. For pupils who require it, mentoring by trained members of Sixth Form staff is available.


All elements of your programme of study are compulsory. We know that this mix of qualification and enrichment activities leads to success. When you accept your place at Sixth Form you are agreeing to attend and participate in the all elements of the programme of study listed above.


Year 13


In year 13 your programme of study is the same as it year 12 but you will only to continue with only three of the four Level 3 courses. You may opt to continue with all 4 level 3 qualifications if you have achieved an A grade at AS in all subjects.


You will also take part in an extensive programme designed to support you with your application to University (this starts at the end of Year 12) and/or a programmes that supports your application to an apprenticeship.


Enrichment and Personal Development Programmes

Enrichment activities form an essential part of a Sixth Form pupil’s programme of study. Although the enrichment offers changes from year to year, there is a core offer available to all pupils each year:


• Extended Project Qualification

• Duke of Edinburgh Award

• Debate

• Sport and Fitness

• Rugby / Football / Netball Academy

• Volunteering and Outreach

Pupils also benefit from taking part in one or more of the following personal development programmes and events:

• Raising Aspirations Programme

• Apprenticeship Progression Programme

• Aim Higher Programme

• Pathways to Medicine, Law, Teaching, Nursing and Engineering

• Unique

• Sutton Trust (UK and USA)

• Social Mobility Foundation

• K+

• Brilliant Club

• Summer Schools at Top UK and international Universities








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