ENTRY CRITERIA (Year 12 and Year 13)


The number of subjects  you will study in Year 12 and 13 is detailed in the ‘curriculum and enrichment’ offer section of the website.


If you want to study a particular subject certain entry criteria must be met. This is to ensure that  you have the maximum chance of succeeding on the course in question. Entry criteria are based on historical ‘in-school’ data and also national benchmarks. Entry criteria are reviewed annual and can be found in the ‘apply now’ section of the website.


For each subject, there are up to three elements that make up the entry criteria:

1. Average points score (APS) from GCSE. This ranges from a minimum of 3.5 (an average of a C/D grade) for certain subjects to a 5.5 (an average of a B) in other subjects.

2. English and Maths GCSE grades.

3. A subject specific grade based on performance in a specific subject at GCSE (for example to study English Literature at A Level a pupil must have achieved at least a grade 6 in English Literature at GCSE).


If you meet all three of the entry criteria then you will be able to study the course as part of your programme of study.

Please note that there is a probation period at the start of year 12 (roughly 6 weeks) to ensure that you have selected appropriate programmes of study. If you do not demonstrate that you have the capacity of succeed on a particular course, your programme of study may be modified. The attendance, punctuality, work ethic and behaviour of all pupils will also be assessed in the probation period as it is throughout the year.


We also expect all successful applicants to have an excellent behaviour and attendance record and to fully align with the school’s ethos and mission.


Year 13

For a pupil to progress into Year 13 all of the following criteria must be met:


• Academic Requirements: In AS Level subjects your child must have achieved a minimum of a D grade to continue that subject in Year 13. In Vocational courses your child must have achieved a Pass in the externally examined component of the qualification (where appropriate) and passed all other Year 12 units.


Number of Subjects Requirement: For a pupils to be classified as a full time student, they must be planning to complete a minimum of three A Level or level 3 vocational subjects. In the rare case that a pupil’s AS grades do not allow them to continue with 3 subjects, we will strive to provide them with a suitable alternative programme of study.


• GCSE Resit Requirement: For pupils who have not yet achieved a Level 4 in GCSE English and/or Maths, these subjects must be studied in Year 13.


Work Experience: Work experience is an integral part of the school curriculum students are required to complete their work experience placement to a satisfactory standard.


We also expect all Year 13 pupils to have an excellent behaviour and attendance record and to fully align with the School’s ethos and mission. Where this or the above criteria are not met a pupil may not be admitted into Year 13.








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