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Learning Mentors

A vital aspect of the life of Robert Clack is the learning mentors. We have specialised provision on both sites to support students academically and pastorally.


We have very experienced staff who work with students in a variety of ways. The students are taught resilience, study skills and self-discipline, alongside nurturing self-belief and confidence.


They are pushed academically at KS3 to ensure that they possess the literacy and numeracy skills necessary to access the curriculum. Students who are not making sufficient progress are supported to develop their skills through small group tuition.


At KS4 the academic focus continues but the focus moves towards study skills and organisation. Pupils are added to the mentoring list to support them outside of lessons. They are able to work with the mentors to study and to support them pastorally to cope with the demands of GCSE examinations.


The learning mentors also work with outside agencies such as Ford to provide positive role models and mentors for our students.




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