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January 1, 2030

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Year 10 History trip to Berlin 2018


From 3rd-6th April, Year 10 History students visited Berlin in order to gain more knowledge about Germany’s significance in the Cold War for their GCSE Unit Conflict and Tension. It was an exciting trip to a city full of history, and the Year 10s also got to visit sites and learn about the Nazi regime and the Second World War and the Holocaust.


We visited the Holocaust Memorial, the Topography of Terror and 1936 Olympic Stadium where Hitler refused to shake gold medal winner Jesse Owen’s hand.  For the Cold War, we visited the Stasi Prison in which people trying to escape East Germany where imprisoned and interrogated right up until 1989! We also visited the Berlin Wall and went to the top of the Reichstag into the Dome where we had amazing views of Berlin at night!


To top it all off we went bowling on the last night and also had free time walking around German markets, trying Bratwurst and of course doing some shopping!



Road safety workshop


On Tuesday a group of school council representatives met with Hannah and Korantema from TfL to take park in a road safety workshop. Our students produced some fantastic ideas which they will be presenting in assembly in the near future and they will also be announcing details of an exciting competition for all students to enter. As Robert Clack School’s first ever Youth Travel Ambassadors they will be meeting with TfL again to convey their views on road safety around our school. Well done to Gloria, Fatoumatta, Ahad, Robert, Joseph and Harrison.

Sky Sports Living for Sport project


On Monday 25th January a group of 19 lucky year 7 students participated in the Sky Sports Living for Sport project with GB athlete JJ Jegede. JJ spoke to the whole of year 7 in a very engaging assembly about his life growing up in Barking and Dagenham and how he became an athlete. After assembly, JJ and our group of year 7 students completed a work shop on the ‘6 keys to success’ with practical sessions and engaging discussions. Our students posed challenging questions to JJ and he responded with very insightful and motivating responses. Everyone involved had a fantastic day thanks to JJ and Sky Sports Living for Sport; we look forward to having him visit us again soon!

Visit the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden


In January this year, the 38 pupils studying GCSE Music had the opportunity to visit the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden to see a performance of the opera Tosca by Puccini. The students were thrilled by the impressive venue and the wonderful performance that they heard:


“This was a truly inspirational experience. I feel like I have found a new world of music that I love. This has changed the music I want to listen to, the music I want to write, and the way I think about music.”

- Gabrielle Atkinson, Year 11



Sixth Formers visit the world’s largest scientific research centre CERN, Switzerland


On 28th January 2016, twenty-eight spirited and eager students from years 12 and 13, along with three members of staff, set off on an exciting two day adventure to CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research in Geneva, Switzerland. The school had laid on a range of activities in the run up to the trip to ensure that students were well prepared for the fantastic opportunity they had been given to visit the ‘home’ of particle physics. Students received a talk from Oxford University’s Professor Philip Burrows, web chatted with Durham University students, and attended a screening of the film ‘Particle Fever’


Seeing the most exciting scientific experiments on the planet and having access to the physicists who were directly involved in them, was an inspiring experience for our young students. CERN hosts the world’s largest and most powerful particle collider – the Large Hadron Collider (or LHC), built in collaboration with over 10,000 scientists and engineers from over one hundred countries! After an opening lecture and exhibition of the LHC, students visited the Antimatter Factory currently home to experiments that aim to shed light on why our universe appears to contain only matter, even though it is thought that equal amounts of matter and antimatter were created in the Big Bang. All very mind blowing stuff!


Despite the whistle stop two-day tour being mainly dedicated to scientific endeavour, staff and students still found time for some social activities, enjoying skating on an outdoor rink, sightseeing, a photo treasure hunt, evening games and – of course - sampling some of the finest chocolate on offer (it’s not just science that the Swiss are world renowned for…!) The trip really was a once in a lifetime experience for both students and staff, capturing the imaginations of everyone across the school. It both supported our current physics students in their A Level studies (literally bringing science alive and encouraging some to consider continuing their physics studies at university and beyond) – and has helped to raise the profile of the subject in the school, inspiring our younger pupils to continue their science studies post-16.


On behalf of all staff and students, the school would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the Alumni Association and Ford Motor Company for their generous donation which helped to make this incredible trip possible.


Year 12 trip to Standard Chartered Bank


On a brisk Thursday morning a group of Robert Clackers embarked on a trip to one of the world’s leading international banks. Year 12 student Dami reports back on their day…. “The journey on the train was a real eye opener to what City workers have to deal - consistently packed the whole way! When we arrived at the bank we were amazed by the décor, especially the massive hut right in the middle of the foyer. We were then taken to the highest level of the building that had a brilliant view of London, especially of St Paul’s Cathedral. We listened to presentations about the inner workings of the bank, including trading currencies, commodities, sales and compliance - the sector that checks up on the Bankers. To top it off we got to go on the trading floor where we saw first-hand how banking works. Overall it was a great day and one that really had an impact on our understanding about the world of banking.


Thanks to Miss Bevan and Mrs Monk for organising and taking us, and also to the Alumni Association for their help in arranging this trip”.



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