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Year 7

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Year 7

Leader of the Learning Community

Mr S M Ahmed

Assistant leader of the Learning Community

Miss N Montgomery

Year Group Ethos

I am privileged to lead this year’s new beginners at Robert Clack school. The year 7 cohort is a talented one and it is clear to see that they wish to take a positive approach to the next big step in their education.


Transitioning from primary school to secondary school can be daunting for many and can be seen as a big challenge. However, it is the resilience and the commitment to making pupils lives better that allow the pupils to settle in comfortably year after year.


Our Year 7 motto is – “Be a community, overcome challenges and strive for success.”


The motto holds great weight to it and embodies the life of our pupils in secondary school. The pupils treat each other with respect and kindness, illustrating a strong community. They work together to overcome challenges such as making friends, learning and achieving. Through the determination, passion and commitment from both staff and pupils, success will always follow.


At Robert Clack we understand how important it is to recognise achievements especially for our younger pupils. Therefore, on a weekly basis through assemblies, we celebrate the pupils’ successes in specific subjects, merits earned, appraisals, achievement in extra-curricular activities and their attendance. Each pupil in Year 7 has the ability to succeed and they will always be encouraged to be the best they can be.


I am honoured to lead this year group as I am in no doubt that each individual will aim for success while at Robert Clack and build a strong foundation in order to pave the way for their future successes. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the parents for their support and encouragement placed into our Year 7 pupils and together, we will see each one lead a fuller life.


Mr Ahmed


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